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 Selecting Aberdeen’s Retail Site

To begin the retail recruitment process, the City of Aberdeen selected a site to be analyzed for possible retail development of revitalization. The location of the site is shown on the following page.

Buxton has examined the retail potential of the site based on the following analyses:

  • A primary and secondary drive-time trade area were delineated for this site
  • The customers in each trade area were segmented according to buying habits and lifesyles
  • A profile of Aberdeen's customers within the trade areas was developed
  • The surplus and leakage for 11 major store types and 49 minor store types were determined for the trade

The purpse of these analyses is to develop Aberdeen's Customer Profile. The Customer Profile is a snapshot of the customers that reside in Aberdeen's trade area. Even though these customers are complex and diverse, Buxton is able to capture and catalogue the extent to which potential demand for a retailer's goods and services are being met within the trade area.

By overlaying Aberdeen's Customers Profile with over 4,500 retail matching profiles in Buxton's proprietary database, we are able to identify major categories of retail that are candidates for location in Aberdeen. This matching provides the basis for determining Aberdeen's viability to attract retailers and restaurants and forms the basis for Buxton's recommendations and conclutions

With this analysis and Buxton's recommendations, Aberdeen can make a more informed decision about investments in infrastructure and can focus resourses on areas of higher retail development potential.

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